Podz Tan-Right Poster
Informational poster for salons using Soft Podz.
Snap Podz
Podz is taking versatility to the next level. Have all of your favorite Podz eyewear snapped into one! This traditional style eyewear has a transparent tan-through nose piece and string. But that's not all, remove the nose piece and you have two separate Podz in the palm of your hand! Packaged to sell in pleasing colors, pink, blue, red, and purple!
Classic Podz
The lenses snap together to form a portable carrying case that attaches easily to your key-chain or purse. Assorted Colors!
Pinked Podz
When you choose Pinked Podz 5% of the proceeds go to help fight against breast cancer. Be sure to stock up for the month of October!
Gold Plated Podz
Add a little bling when you tan! These Podz come in glitzy gold. Order packaged or separate. Chrome Discontinued
Teensy Towel
Podz has New Anti-Bacterial Wipes! Teensy Towels come in a 2"x2" carrying case with 30 individual wipes. With it's soft micro-fiber material you can clean almost anything! Wipe your make-up off, clean your eyewear, and take the bronzer off your hands after applying lotion! The possibilities are endless. Lavender Scent.
Soft Podz (Assorted Colors)
Soft Podz have a one piece flex-fit design and clear nose piece that snaps into a soft, easy-to-open case that attaches easily to your key-chain or purse. Colors May Vary!
Solar Eclipse Podz
Protect yourself with these special opaque lenses during your LED light therapy sessions. These lenses are black and are used to protect during a high intensity light therapy session, reducing flash to the cones of your eyes. Recommended for Red Light Therapy Use!
Soft Eclipse with Green Lenses
Specifically made to block LED light. Flex-fit nose piece places secure and comfortably. Can be used in both regular tanning beds and red light therapy beds. Comes with a black carrying case and an easy-to-use key-chain. Eyewear piece comes in green or black with a secure band.
Podz Containers
Use Podz containers to store and display your favorite Podz Eyewear!
Podz Fashion Eyewear
Unleash your inner diva! This traditional style eyewear comes with it's own matching bag. Patterns very from animal prints to burberry, polka dots, and so much more. Sold in a assorted Box of 12-
Podz Breast Cancer Sunglasses
Join the Cause with Podz New Breast Cancer Sunglasses!
New Sunglasses! Three new styles to choose from Miami, Hollywood, and Sierra.
Pull Podz
New Disposable Eyewear! Pull Podz 210 units